Researching Commercial Home Improvement Services Online

Researching Commercial Home Improvement Services Online

A commercial property comes with its own set of situations and problems and researching home improvement companies can be much different than it is for homeowners. A person living in a residential property can opt for different types of contractors ranging from handymen all the way up to full-blown contractors. With a commercial property, however, there are insurance and legal issues to consider so it’s important to find top-grade commercial contractors to handle these types of buildings.

Commercial Contracting

What to Look for in a Commercial Contractor

Before putting pen to paper to hire a professional, you’ll need to do some research ahead of time to find the right one that will match the scope and size of your project. Here are some of the key factors to look for in a commercial home improvement company.

  1. The Leadership Team

Find out what the policy is in terms of the use of subcontractors and on-site supervision. Who will be supervising the project and who will be doing the actual work involved? You’ll need to make sure that both the supervisor and the subcontractors have full coverage in regards to workers compensation and liability insurance. If not, the person that does the hiring of the contractor may hold all the liability if anything should go wrong. After all, it’s his duty to do the proper research before hiring a commercial contractor.

  1. The Company’s History

Find out how long the commercial contractor has been in business and look for reviews on independent websites. People love to leave reviews and if this company has a bad history, it’s time to look at the next one in line. You should also ask for references since they can paint a picture of the history of the company. Don’t be afraid to call them up and ask questions about the general contractor and how well the job was performed.

  1. Working within Your Budget

You’ll want to pin down the exact policy that the company works with in terms of pricing. Many reputable contractors will provide a quote with a guarantee that the price will not go up by more than 10%. This is an important thing to consider since many home improvement businesses will start to ask for more money once half of the project is completed believing that you are now so far into the project that you certainly won’t want to leave it half done.

  1. Hiring Property Management Teams

If you’re running an HOA and looking for commercial contractors, you may want to consider using an HOA community management company to find them for you ( They have contacts in the field and they will be responsible for making sure that the right contractors are hired for specific jobs.

Nowadays, most of your research can be done online. To get started you can search through commercial contractor directories in your local area to help narrow down your selection. From there, you can visit the company websites directly to get their contact information and to see a gallery of their past projects.

4 Tips for Providing Great Customer Service for Your Online Shop

These tips are provided by: – Plus Size (Up to 6x). They’re a fantastic excellent of a great design, great products and great selection. They also do an effective job of marketing their plus size bustiers ( Now, onto the tips for success.

Providing great customer service is an integral part of any online shop succeeding. Your customers are the ones who support you, and now that the Internet is here, word of good or bad customer service travels fast. There are review and feedback sites all over the place– getting bad customer service reviews can set you back big time.


Other potential customers may be less likely to buy from your shop or even be dissuaded from doing so after reading a less than favorable review. Here are four great tips for providing great customer service for your online shop so that it can do what it’s supposed to do: thrive.

1. Create an FAQ Page

An FAQ page will help your customers by answering a lot of common questions people have about your shop. It could be about your product, your service, or other aspects of the site. Frequently Asked Questions are a great way to provide proactive customer service before there’s even a problem. Plus, you’ll save yourself a lot of time by not having to sort through and answer people’s questions, or you can choose to respond and direct them to the FAQ page. You’ll also have more time to answer questions not on the FAQ page, freeing you up to give better personal service.

2. Respond within 48 Hours

Whether it’s an email, a comment or a concern, try to do your best to respond within 48 hours. Nearly half of online shops take a few days or more to respond to customers. By this time they will likely be not interested or annoyed at a lack of an immediate reply. Responding in a timely fashion is good customer service and your customers will appreciate it!

3. Be Easy to Contact

It’s actually funny, but most online shops don’t have a clear place to get in touch with them. Even worse, they do have the information listed but it’s so hard to find it that it’s practically not worth it. Make sure that your contact information is somewhere on your site or store and listed clearly. You want customers to be able to easily contact you.

Consider putting your contact information at the bottom of emails as well so others can always get in touch with you without having to search for your contact info. You can’t provide quality customer service unless you’re available for customers to contact with their questions. Not having that info displayed can make you look unprofessional or worse, apathetic.

4. Be Nice

The most important part of customer service is to always be nice. Customers really have an eye out for shops to be rude or dismissive of them, and they will respond by either leaving a poor comment or review or trashing you on other sites. Keep this in mind and always be professional, courteous, and nice! It’s a huge part of customer service that makes all the difference.

Those are our tips for providing quality customer service! Taking care of your customers is part of any store’s success, so incorporate these tips and start making customers happy!

Overcoming Fear With the Help of Technology


Do you feel that fear is holding you back? Maybe you consider it to be there, but not to be running your life. The thing is, until you face your fear, you will never really progress any further with it. It’s impossible to get ahead while you run from your fear and living with that kind of mentality.

While it can take more time, working with your body to build up resiliency is one of the best ways to deal with your anxiety long term. There’s a device called the emwave2, formulated by the Heartmath Institute that deals directly with this. Working with this device can yield great results.

Worse, it can actually cause worse diseases to progress and cause things like anxiety to occur. Living with fear is not the way to live your life. You’ve got to stand up to fear and show it who’s boss. Otherwise, your fear will be bossing you around for decades.

1. Use An App

These days, there’s an app for everything. It turns out that there are even a few apps out there for fighting fears and phobias. Check out the Cure Phobias And Overcome Fear App by MasterMind App. This app audio was created by Elizabeth Harford, a certified hypnotherapist. Her voice walks you through what fears and phobias you have, from clowns to spiders.

The fear is so severe that it can manifest physically. You can get sweaty, nausea, out of breath, and feel sick. It’s normal to do that in an extreme (and extremely unusual) situation. Elizabeth coaches listeners to learn to relax and stay calm with the Cure Phobias And Overcome Fear App and others like it. With the help of an expertly designed app, you could lower your anxiety and stress at the same time.

2. Call Someone

Sometimes calling someone can be the best thing to do when you’re truly afraid. Calling your friend, spouse, or partner can calm you down. That wouldn’t be possible without the invention of the cell phone. Having that outside strength there of someone who cares about you and is willing to talk to you and walk you through whatever is something that many depressed, sick, or fearful people are scared that they will not have if they reach out. Well, cell phones mean that you can call any person on the world with a cell phone at any time you like and they will answer. It can be reassuring and even calming to realize that yes, you do have a support system out there that will help you through a stressful situation.

3. Listen to Your Song

Turn a negative oncoming mood into a good one by popping on your favorite song! Hit your iPod and have it roll out your most fun playlist. Do it when you feel scared about something. You’ll learn to acknowledge your fear but not give into it. When you know you feel afraid and you’re going to play your awesome, most favorite song, it’s hard to key into the fear as seriously.

It’s going to take you from feeling potentially done to feeling pumped again. Listening to your song can help banish fear, and now with music programs like Spotify, people can play any song they want anywhere in the world with relative ease. Take a deep breath and put your next feel good song on next time you’re in the mood to jam!

3 Tips for Finding a Home That Fits Your Lifestyle

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make on your home is it’s location. Have you thought about Arizona? Whether’s its the hustle and bustle of Scottsdale, or a Chandler home you’re looking for, the Valley offers a lot.

1. Make a List of What You Need

The first step when home shopping is to make a list of what you need in a home. This will ensure that you are not only buying a house that fits your lifestyle, but you’ll be successfully looking at homes that fit your lifestyle too. Let’s say you’re a yoga teacher– would you want a spare room or a deck where you can do your yoga? Or if you’re a dog owner, you may want a backyard where you can let your dog out and they have space to run around and play.


Don’t shop for your ideal home; shop for the home that is going to make you happy and fit your lifestyle. If you don’t have Oprah money, an Oprah-sized home will only bring you stress, not joy. This is a case of be careful what you wish for. Visualize what you will need, whether it’s a mudroom, a big basement, a backyard, space for gardening, room to build a deck, et cetera.

Make a list of every single thing you want in a home, from number of bedrooms to bathrooms, and things you want as well. If you like a lot of space, it doesn’t make sense to buy a cramped, overly small home. If you are a reclusive person, you don’t want to buy a home that sits just off a busy road.

2. Take The Surroundings Into Consideration

Don’t get caught up in finding the perfect home and neglect to notice where it sits! Area is going to be a very important aspect of home shopping. This is where you’ve really got to consider not just what you want to buy, but where you want to buy it. If you feel safer in a suburban area and have children or know you’re planning on having children, a suburban home may be perfect for you.

If you enjoy the urban life and being close to things, maybe you want to buy something close to the city or town. Maybe you like a little rustic feel and wouldn’t mind a house with trees behind it and forest to the side. The more you shop for what you want, and in an area that you want to be in, the more successful you’ll be.

3. Don’t Settle

Your lifestyle is essentially how you live your life. You’re bound to find at least a few houses that are going to fit the bill— and some that aren’t exactly what you want, but you think you could settle for it. The bottom line: if you’re not in love with it, don’t get it.

A house is one of the largest and complex financial investments you’ll make. Do not settle! Keep looking until you find the home you want. Not only should it fit your lifestyle, but it should be a place you’re happy to call home. Never settle– the perfect house is for you.

Health Tip: Why Kefir is a Better Choice Than Yogurt

Kefir is considered to be more nutritionally beneficial than yogurt because it contains the ability to actually colonize the intestinal tract. Yogurt on the other hand is made up of transient bacteria that keep the digestive system clean providing food for the friendly bacteria that reside there.


Because kefir has a smaller curd size than yogurt, it is easier to digest which makes it an excellent food source for those with digestive disorders, the elderly and even babies. As well as beneficial bacteria and yeast, kefir contains minerals and essential amino acids that work together to maintain body function. The complete proteins in kefir are only partially digested making it more easily utilized by the body.

Kefir contains a variety of micro-flora not uncommonly found in yogurt such as: Saccharomyces kefir, Torula kefir, Lactobacillus caucasicus, Leuconnostoc species, lactic streptococci as well as lactose fermenting yeast. These beneficial yeasts have control and eliminate the pathogenic destructive yeasts in the body by the penetration of the mucosal lining where the unhealthy yeasts and bacteria reside. This process cleanses and strengthens the intestines enabling the body to resist infections like E.coli and intestinal parasites.

Tryptophanan, an essential amino acid is also found in kefir and is well-known for its relaxing effect on the central nervous system. Calcium and magnesium are also found in large quantities in kefir which are also good for calming the nerves. Also included is phosphorous the second most abundant mineral found in the body that helps utilize carbohydrates, fats and proteins for cell growth and overall energy.

Many people find kefir too sour on it’s own to be palatable. However there are many brands available on the market with different flavors already added. Frozen fruit can also be added to make an appealing and tasty smoothie.